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Hi Typophiles,

I am looking for typefaces with a cropped g, like the one that can be seen in the Minuscule by Thomas Huot-Marchand :

Thanks for your ideas.

[edit] : Looking for serifs, you guessed…

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Hobo (1910), by Morris Benton, his version of a popular lettering style of the time.
Souvenir (1914), also by Benton, with the form of the "g" taken, it is said, from certain German types:
Schelter-Cursive (1906).
Perhaps there is something art nouveau and organic in this trope, more tadpole than pince-nez.

Another Schelter & Giesecke face, Belwe (1913), has "g" with a stunted tail, though not open.
Continuing the German connection, Kabel (1925) has an open "g" tail; and like Souvenir this too was given the ITC treatment and became hugely popular in the 1970s.

As this was the form of "g" that appeared in the Javal type (late 19th century), there may be some association of this letter shape with legibility issues.

Javal type reworked recently in Minuscule.

Cheltenham (1896), tail terminated quite clearly by a ball serif, source of another ITC revival.

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Thank you all for your answers.

So… that would be a “danish g”, or a swedish one.

Here are some interesting g I found, from and after your answers.

Daniel Flösser post on a Typophile post related to a Copenhagen street signage project. In the attached pdf, one can found a few photos of danish street signs with danish g.

On, a “g-trospektive” that collects a number of g, with really nice ones.

I am specially loving the first one, coming from a corporate font for the danish rails company DSB, made by Kontrapunkt, a danish agency. It’s “inspired by old Danish sign painters”. Referenced on Typohile years ago.

A corporate font for Urban Splash project by Dalton Maag (sans serif) that has some nice alternates.

CPH Tram an Dane, by A2-Type, are interesting sans examples.

Searching more, among the first pages of Typophile’s search for “danish g” leads to many fonts. A lot of sans serifs.

Mr Nick Shinn, do you know where I could fing any Javal specimens online ? The optical / legibility questions that lead to Huot-Marchand Minuscule g, demanding that i stops on the baseline are an idea I’d want to digg.

Thank you.

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Typophile contributor Hrant Papazian is the person to quiz about Javal.

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Plantin Infant?

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