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I acquired the "First specimen book of DE ROOS ROMAN & ITALIC" that has been printed by TYPEFOUNDRY"AMSTERDAM" and with layout by D. Dooijes (chief-designer of Typefoundry "Amsterdam").
The specimen is composed by 20 pages (A4). Here are the introductory words:

"In this booklet we are happy to introduce the newest typeface of
Sjoerd H. de Roos, one of the world's most famous and successful
type designers. This veteran Dutch artist during his fifty year's career
in the graphic arts has deeply influenced contemporary typography,
notably in Western Europe. He has created many new printing types
which are now in use in all parts of the world. To mention a few:
the slender, graceful Egmont family, the sturdy and yet elegant Dutch
Medieval. the refined and spiritual Erasmus, the highly original and
striking Libra and the interesting Simplex, the most experimental
contemporary design. The experience and the skill acquired in half
a century of work on the highest creative level has now produced a
new type family of outstanding qualities: De Roos Roman & Italic.
Type experts in every country have expressed already their admiration
for this noble design, which in its quiet, beautifully balanced
forms shows an exquisite grace and charm.
We are now able to present the full range of sizes of the Roman,
the Italic and a series of Inline Initials, to which a Semi-bold will be
added soon. We do so in the full confidence of making available a
beautiful and perfectly readable type of lasting merit."

Some samples below (lowres). If anyone needs something more let me know :)


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