Dolly - alternatives?

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Lacking inspiration - can anyone help?

I'm looking for an alternative to Dolly, a trad serif but with a modern slant and appearance.

It's to be used in all comms for a stately home.

Any thoughts?



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Would Gentium fit? To me it has a similar feel to Dolly, though a little less soft.

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If all you like about Dolly is the modern take on a traditional style, there are so many too choose from. I honestly don’t know where to start*. If you are looking for that brushy, soft feel: check out this thread.

Oh ok, maybe just one: Novel by Christoph Dunst.

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What about Warnock Pro or Arno Pro? they're both quite stately but modern.

Is that Ady from TITN? if so, Hi Ady, like the name. Did you get my business cards?

Cheers, Nick

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Faiola or Fabiol and Edita could be a good fit.

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thanks everyone

well spotted nick! yes the b card are taped to my notice board


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How about Legionary? It has a playful elegance that reminds me a bit of Dolly:


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As suggested above, Novel might also be suitable.

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FF Quadraat. I always felt like it was the inspiration for Dolly.

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Re Quadraat: The thread I linked to earlier shows DTL Dorian’s italic, another clear inspiration.

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