ATypI Reykjavík 2011

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So who is going to Iceland next week for this year's ATypI conference?


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By the way – if any of you are staying in Reykjavik for a bit longer, I and some other people are going on this tour on Monday the 19th:

You are most welcome to join us.

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Hopping to learn a lot and meet new people!
The following week (20-25) will be in London.

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Can't wait!

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I'll be there.

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Sadly not, but I'm hoping to meet some of you at TypoLondon! Super excited! :)

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Me too.
I have a rental car for tuesday and wednesday (13th–14th) to see a little bit of the island. There's probably room 2 people who want to join.

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Scheduling conflicts, unfortunately.
Good wishes and safe travel to all who'll be there.

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+1 - going over early to see Iceland and meet up with folks. Unfortunately I am also leaving early, need to get back home for a personal commitment :(

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Haven't been to a type conference for a couple of years and need to catch up!

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There is a slight but non-zero chance that Ma Nature will enrich the programme with a live eruption.

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