Serif Drop Shadow Foundry Font

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I am trying to identify this face. The attached photo is a scanned proof print of a foundry type face from the International Printing Museum. From speaking to another docent who had tried to research it the closest he was able to find was a face created in germany called Beaton (I believe that was the spelling) I have not been able to find additional information. We have the font in 3 sizes and in the smaller (24pt & 36pt) the font is identical except for two alternate characters for K and G.

I am looking for information regarding the foundry version any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Maybe Beton
In this book: Tibor Szanto, Pismo i styl, nr 116

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Thank you JanekZ, it looks like you are correct although the digital creations dont seem to hold a candle to the original cuts.
I was able to find a list of variations of beton on identifont however I still have yet to find mention of this specific cut. there were many variations but Im starting to think that Heinrich Jost may not have dont this one as I can not find it listed under his work, it may have been a later addition to his work so I am going to keep digging.

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My friend was able to find it in McGrew's book, it is called Beton Open. It was indeed created by Jost so it seems strange to me that it isnt listed on any other web sites with the rest of his work.

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Hi there. I know this post is old, but I was wondering if you ever found this font for purchase? Or one that is very close? Thank you.

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