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Hey guys, got a new project I'm noodling on just for fun. I'm going to give a brief summary and then lead you through the process. I ask you if the concept is solid, and just need some reaffirmation that my head is screwed on straight. I also need your expert eyes for some final tweaks and refinements.

Project Summary

Ok... so a buddy of mine is kind off a new age hippy dippy sort, and challenged me to come up with a company for him to sell these things called 'binaural beats'. A Binaural Beat is created by playing two different frequencies, and when you hear them they make a rhythm — think dial tone. The idea behind these is that if you play different frequencies in each ear what your mind interprets in the middle will take you to a different state of mind, i.e: relaxed, meditative, or energized.

To me it's snake oil - but i still thought I'd have a fun time branding snake oil for those co-op grocery granola yuppie yoga sort.


First came up with the name Auralab - aural lab, aura lab.... auralab... I liked it because it gives the brand legs incase he wanted to make things like yoga mats or something. I also liked the combination of the loosy goosey 'aura' and the scientific 'lab'

When I started drawing the type I took this dichotomy very literally, creating organic cursive like hippy type for aura, and rectilinear structured letters for lab, and then merging the two with a cursive lowercase l... this was to reflect the idea of two frequencies.

But then I started to get interested in the shape created by the a,l...and i liked the idea of making the a look a bit more 'ear' like. This went on its own little tangent where I started to create a shape that was somewhere between a treble clef and and ampersand. I think this will be a very engaging icon, again sort of communicating that idea of combining frequencies.

I realized the type was getting too fussy and I simplified it while still maintaining that concept of having aura be italic and lab regular - i also made three different a's with the one in the middle being a love child of the two on either side, again subtly making a nod to that two frequencies being interpreted in the middle thing.

Finally one last round of refinements made me take out the connecting swoosh between the a and l.... i thought it looked like a nut sack and couldn't see past it :-P

finally some stencil like cuts in the lab letters created a better rhythm and this is where I netted out with the type.

What do you guys think of auralab ?

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First a and r don’t read very well.
(BTW, I like the al ligature of the pre-stencil version, which would work also as a logo made with the initials of aura and lab).

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Thanks Riccardo, you definitely hit on a trouble spot with the first 'a' perhaps reading as an 'e'... I think I've refined it to a point where this is less of an issue — but I'm of course open to other solutions.

Here is a higher Res Version of the logotype with some of the guides that I used.

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