Need a body face with a possible nod to the Victorian.

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Hi, I'm new to typophile, and I have a typeface to choose. I have a small, light-hearted self-help book project, based on Victorian health tips. I'm using "Jugend WF" (sample attached) for the titling and heads, but I'm trying to find a good body face for the content.

I'm overrun display faces from Victorian advertising and posters but I don't really know where to start for a respectful hardworking body face. I can't decide whether it needs a sans with a nod to the Victorian era to contrast and root it in the present, or a serif from the Victorian era to respect the context. I'm leaning towards a serif, but I don't want it to look too dry.

Please help!

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Maybe Miller?

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To me, Shinn's Scotch Modern looks much happier than Miller does.

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A scotch looks like the job. A sans might end up too jarring, and jokey. It still needs to be taken seriously, and a scotch roman certainly would.

Perhaps if there's a scotch and a sans which work well as a pair?

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IMO the Scotch is a little dry, and doesn't harmonize with the display face, although it may be historically correct.
But so is the modernized old-style, which is my first recommendation:

To match the distressing of the display face:

To match the curves of the display face:

To match the tallness of the display face:


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