Whitechapel Gallery typeface

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Love this typeface - looks amazing on the tube posters. Can anyone id this for me?


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It could simply be a bitmap font with some post-processing. The rounded corners at the junctions can be created by rasterizing the type, applying a carefully calibrated Gaussian blur, then adjusting the levels to eliminate the intermediate tones. Or, it may be a font that emulates this effect.

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Looks like 'Stedelijk' by Wim Crouwel. The Foundry has a digital version in Architype 3. http://www.foundrytypes.co.uk

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Many thanks for your comments. Apparently the typeface is called Vormgevers


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I'm sorry. I really think it's called 'Stedelijk'. It says so in this book http://www.amazon.com/Wim-Crouwel-Alphabets-Kees-Broos/dp/9063690371. Vormgevers (designers) was the title of the exhibition that the poster of your link was made for.

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Yep you're right - I stand corrected!

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The Typeface is actually the typeface adapted by Spin on Rebrand from its previous typeface. Its called WhiteChapel-Bold

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