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Dear typophyles:
I'm working in a proyect that includes a font design compatible with Laudatio, thanks to Nadine Chahine I could make some corrections. This is the book cover layout.
Can you send me your comments?
Thanks.Book cover layout

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The cover looks really nice. The idea of 2 doorways works well.
The typeface is looking better also. The waw still needs a bit of work. If you imagine that the tail is a swimmer, it dives under the baseline but doesn't come all the way up. Also, the descender of waw and reh (both isolated and attached) are usually related so you need them to talk better with each other. The waw might extend more because it has more space to cover because of the head. Also, when waw and reh connect to previous letters, the lower part is not affected that much. The repetition of these 2 frequent letters has a very strong effect on the rhythm of the Arabic. The waw is a key character, top is related to closed forms of feh and qaf, and lower related to the reh.

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Thank you very much, Nadine, your comments are very important to me.
I was thinking in the aproximations between nasrid and merini cultures, the same image in the doors can looks well.
One of my collaborators is from Marrakech,and I had a lot of troubles :-) with him: he is very conventional in his point of view, for example, he thinks that a maghrebi typeface looks better...
I try to aproximate the design to my colaborator callygraphy form and preferences, and he is very happy with the reh, ghain (not in this version), sin, and kaf, of course...
I will try to work with the waw whit yours recomendations, I'll show here my advances.
Warm regards, samples

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i don't know for sure, but i guess your text blocks are too wide - at least they appear to be too wide for latin typesetting.

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The book format is 22x22 cm. and the text box is 15 cm width. I have used 14,5 pt in arabic text and 11 pt in latin text size, wiht this meassures I can obtain the same number of pages and similar distribution of the text...
This is a comfortable read in both languages.

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