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Hey guys,

First shot at making a typeface thought I'd start off with an all caps design based off an old sign. Just running it by you guys for any suggestions or comments.



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Hi Reid. Great job so far. This looks like a fun project! It is very cool that you're basing your design on this pre-existing vintage signage.

Something doesn't feel right with the S. I wonder if you could try to bring some of the top-heaviness consistent with the rest of the alphabet into the S. You might do well to depart from the S that is given in the signage.

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I agree, the S needs more “horizontality”.
I think that the top should be somehow closer to the C for example, and remember to keep the waistline quite low, like you did on the 5.
I'm also not very sure about the 6, the bottom part seems a bit awkward I reckon. I might be wrong, but I think it needs to be a bit wider.

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