logo color in MS Word should be black...its not (form)

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Hi everyone,

Managed to make a form/template in MS word, only problem is the company's logo should be in black...its not, when i print put the form the logo is all screwed up, some aliasing and the color is somewhere between black/gray/purple :-D

I imported the vector logo in Photoshop, and saved as a PNG file, then i upload the font in MS Word and place it in the top header without rescaling it.

what exactly am i doing wrong here, the logo is just in black but doesn't output in black when printed?

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Maybe Word uses sRGB color space and sending sRGB color data to the printer.
Try to set up the printer device to print black in true black only.

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First thing I'd do is determine if it's a problem with the graphic or a problem with the printer. Have you tried printing other black-and-white artwork to see if it prints correctly?

Also, when in Photoshop you might try changing the graphic to grayscale (image > mode > grayscale) before saving it, and see if that makes any difference.

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Word is an excellent tool for composing and printing office documents in an office environment, but was never intended as a professional graphics program—so don't expect it to act like one.

Either or both of the suggestions above might solve the problem, with an additional proviso: in Photoshop (or equivalent), save to logo as a grayscale TIFF file; this file will be larger than your PNG file, but it should be recognized for what it is—i.e., grayscale—as opposed to PNG files, which use indexed palettes.

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