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Until just moments ago, I discovered I've only known Cassandre's Peignot as 'Penguin'. The first and last time I used it was 1997... I think this is because of a Corel version of the face? I'm interested in more details about the 're-master' and am finding it rather irritating that all Google roads to 'penguin + typography' lead to Jan Tschichold... How did 'penguin' get bundled and distributed, who's properly responsible for it, and where have you seen it used awkwardly?

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where have you seen it used awkwardly?

It would be easier to tell where it wasn’t used awkwardly! ;-)

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It's important to take into account that Peignot was
nothing short of a full-fledged alphabet reform effort.
Even Cassandre's son didn't seem to grasp this when
writing his biography.


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