Ligatures and Diacritics

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I've attempted to search for this but have yet to come up with anything.

For those of you who speak languages other than English, what ligatures do you wish were more common?

To add to that, what letter combinations appear frequently enough in other languages to warrant such ligatures? (ex. is /f/iacute/ a more frequent combination than /f/idieresis/?)

In the hope that I can eventually make a typeface that is truly capable of being used outside the English-Speaking world, I'd like to make it as refined and intuitive for other orthographies as most are for English.

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Some faces might benefit from a contextual f with less overhang (få). In Norwegian, gg and gj are also frequent potential collissions.

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Thanks for the ideas.

I read somewhere about someone looking for an ð ligature as well.

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please see also this older thread: f + umlauts.

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