Sensato Serif

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The serif counterpart of Sensato Sans.

Cheers! jasper

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I guess I'm using "usable" in a narrow way (but really not just for text).

As for naming names, there's not much to be gained from that. Now, if one of them happens to say "this is not very original" here then I surely couldn't keep my mouth shut. But I think we're safe because the boring ones don't like discussing things [in public] in the first place.


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Little update :-) pdf to come...

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First impression: the full stop is too heavy. Aim for something similar to the thinner part of the diagonal width. (Hope this makes sense).
Also: I prefer slightly taller descenders and ascenders. There IS a point where the portruding parts help figuring out the shape and meaning of words for the reader. That means that there has to be a certain difference between the x-height and the glyphs that ‘hold out their arms’. Try blurring some samples in PhotoShop and you will see what I mean.

On an altogether different note: why are you aiming for a coherent sans/serif family? Why not cut your teeth on a display face?

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I have't really looked at the full stop in detail, but I guess you're right.

The length of ascenders and descenders is a tough call, because it has to match the sans serif. Or would it be ok to give the serif longer ascenders/descenders?

I'm going sans/serif because 0. It's a great learning experience. 1. It's a way to stand out (if not much) from the crowd. 2. It's functional. 3. Designers like it a lot because they think it takes away their job of pairing fonts, so it should help sales. Perhaps I'll also make a display version out of Sensato Serif, but that's not really on my mind now.

pdf is up :-)

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Think about how the sans and serif need to work together. How often will they be mixed inline, and if they are, do serifs not play a role in apparent size? And maybe deviating their apparent size could actually be useful... In any case, remember that in a text font lining things up exactly is almost never the point, so don't discount nudging around things like the x-height. I would keep the caps and numerals lined up though.


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