new typography blog :: feedback appreciated!

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Hi all:
I started a blog a little over a month ago about a topic that I have been very passionate about: how culture affects design, more specifically typography. I would really appreciate any feedback from my fellow Typophile's. Thank you!

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I strongly recommend turning the body copy black instead of grey. Other than that, looks good. Once the body is black, you may wish to revisit the large side numbers in grey as well. How hard to read grey type became a design trend I’ll never know.

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I will look into how I go about changing that through Wordpress. I agree with you, black is a much easier read than grey. Thank you so much for your advise!

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For on-screen reading, 100% contrast (black on white) is actually a bit harsh. I think it's OK as-is. Maybe go with an 80% black (dark gray).

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thanks for taking a look and for your feedback !

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Good start. Hope to see it become a reference on design, culture and typography. I subscribed to follow it.

BTW, dark gray over white produces a better anti-alias effect than black over white in text size (at least on all Windows versions I used). But for the titles black would produce a more robust view.

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Thanks Igor for your feedback! and for subscribing! I've had this concept in my head for almost 7 years now so having it become reality has been validating. Any comments you have on the content are appreciated and welcome :)

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