Continuous line/rope type

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Hello all,

Sorry if this is a little vague, but I am looking for examples of lettering created from a continuous line. For example, sometimes you will find a word written with "rope" or "string." Or I think Paul Rand created a couple logos in this fashion. If you could direct me to any examples it would be much appreciated.

Here is an example, but note that it does not have to be rope, or any recognizable material. I think the main thing I'm looking for is a continuous strand with the suggestion of three dimensionality.

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Try Sneaker Script.

Additionally the keyword Rope

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That's very helpful, thanks. I didn't realize there were so many "rope" fonts.

I should also clarify that I'm not just looking for existing fonts. Examples of the technique in use are what I'm especially interested in seeing. Anything from logotypes to handlettered signs.

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