3rd Tuesday, typograpic circle's new social club

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3rd Tuesday
From the Typographic Circle

3rd Tuesday

Our new monthly event, 3rd Tuesday launches 18th January.

Our members and audience often mention that one of the nicest things about
our lectures is that they are social and an opportunity to meet, talk and
exchange ideas. Bruno has responded by starting up 3rd Tuesday in
association with The Friends of St Brides who will be helping out also to
subsidise the bar.

So far we have not planned to hold formal talks or to have any structure but
hopefully it will take on a life of its own.

3rd Tuesday will always be represented by the attached logo which will soon
begin to appear in badge and t-shirt form of course. Orders are already
being taken, sight unseen!

The Friends of St Brides and the Sign Design Society have expressed a wish
to have ties with the Typocircle, I am circulating details of lectures from
both groups, for which our members will receive discounted entry.

Alessio Leonardi

We now have a venue and date for Alessio's Typocircle North talk. The Circle
Club, 8.30pm on the 2nd February. The London lecture will take place 3rd
February, we are yet to confirm a venue but tickets are selling fast

Associated lectures

Friends of St. Brides
Tuesday 11 January
Hans Schmoller: The Penguin Years
Speakers: Jerry Cinamon and Phil Baines, to be introduced by Tanya Schmoller
More information at friends@stbride.org

Sign Design Society
Wednesday 19 January
Inclusive Design
A talk by June Bretherton of JBC-Londonon
More information at enquiries@signdesignsociety.co.uk

Thank you for taking the time to read all this.

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