TJ Evolette A (Specimen)

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TJ Evolette A - Specimen

An interpretation of Art Déco meets straight lined shapes of ancient runes – the experimental type design from Timo Titzmann and Jakob Runge is available right now. It goes hand in hand with a specimen fresh from the press.

The geometric constructed all-case grotesque comes along with two additional integrated extravagant stylistic sets for the whole alphabet and some astonishing special characters as well. The plain linear-antiqua with classical proportions offers numerous combination possibilities between the ordinary alphabet of TJ Evolette A and the two alternate alphabets. This variety encourages unusual and extroverted creation in editorial and poster design.

The font contains seven closely graded weights (form hairline to bold) to keep all options open while designing with the font. All common character sets of Central and Eastern European as well as Western Europe are supported. By Open Type features all 446 glyphs can be used optimally.

One weight TJ Evolette A is free for non-commercial usage or testing purposes. Moreover, the completely font family is available free of charge for student projects.

The specimen, printed monochrome on a Traditional Colour offset press, contains a 59,4 × 84,1 cm poster, which can be fold to a DIN A 4 booklet.

Font styles: Hairline, Thin, ExtraLight, Light, Book, Normal, Bold
Designer: Timo Titzmann & Jakob Runge
Foundry: 26+
Release: 2011

Specimen - flickr album:

Available at:
MyFonts -
YouWorkForThem -

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Really lovely, Tiiimo. Very elegant proportions and some inspired alternate characters. Comment, if I may: it seems to me that as a family, it would benefit from one or two heavier weights. Something really substantial, to offset the lighter weights.

(Love the specimen book, too ... )


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We need more experiments, and this is very focused, unique, and typographically quite profound.

But I would have made one of the runic variants the default, not the plain sans, which is OK but not a particularly desirable typeface, given its lack of a lower case, and the number of well-established deco/geometric styles already available, many with greater weight range, as noted.

I also wonder how much work typographers are prepared to do in playing around with inserting alternates manually.
Perhaps a few more stylistic sets that offered settings somewhere between the two extremes.

OK, make that a "lightly spiced" style as the default, with plain retro and total weirdness as the alternates?
After all, that is the style you show on the specimen cover as representing the face.

However, I could be wrong, and your strategy of making the plain font free may be effective!

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thanks for your detailed comments!
we feel really honored.

as you both mentioned, a bolder version for the typeface would be great. timo and me we started with the lighter weights to avoid problems in the nooks of the alternate letters, but anyway we have to find an solution for bolder weights :-)

to nick shinn's position about mixing the alternate letters right into the plain appearance: this would be great – i agree, currently not every user now how to add alternates or has the tome to give his text an nice mixture of plain and alternate letters.
We are not so familiar with programming faux randomism to simulate an always unique mixture of the three alphabets.

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bought it...doesnt work

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got every 8 fonts installed, but when i try to install the alternate letters (which is why I bought it by the way) it says that I already have installed "light"...Photoshop does only recognize the first "light" i've installed...

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well, if you have bought this font, you should have "tj evolette Light", "tj Evolette Hairline" etc. — variants like "TJEvoletteA-_ss1","TJEvoletteA-_ss2" and "TJEvoletteA-_ss2" are for our private process only (we use them at, because there are not much opentype features working for sure in the web. in this version the font-files are containing just one stylistic set, so just 1/3 of all glyphs, and they are named all equal. this might cause the problem.
but as already mentioned these files are not for sale …

if you have bought the normal TJ Evolette via Myfonts or YouWorkForThem, all alternative glyphs (ss0, ss1, und ss2) are included in one font file, like "light". so you do not have to install one weight tree times at once.

for me all features are working in photoshop-cs5 - but not as "stylistic sets", cause these can be interpreted by InDesign only — did you took a look on ? there it is explained how to the access to the different letters in the adobe creative suite.

anyway you should send me your font files, so i can may solve the problem.


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