Christoph Niemann's charming grotesk

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Hello, all. The illustrator Christoph Niemann has a monthly column in the NY Times. I love the grotesk face he uses on these recent illustrations, but can't quite figure out what it is – those terminals (and the 'a'!) are a little too quirky for WhatTheFont.

But not for you – what is it? Thanks for the help!

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Looks like a precursor to Helvetica, but too tired to hunt for it now. Maybe someone else recognizes it.

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It's very close to Akzidenz Grotesk. The ascender of the t doesn't quite match, and the a's design (featuring the spur) seems to have been borrowed from a thinner weight.

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May be Theinhardt?

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Definitely a Helvetica precursor, I agree, but not even close to either of the Akzidenz families I have (Berthold and… Adobe?). Ryuk, Theinhardt is excruciatingly close, but the 'e' and 'a' are quirkier in the face pictured above - thanks for turning me on to that font, though.

We're still hunting. Chris, maybe you've rested up? I believe in you, typophiles.

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On review, I can't decide if it's Theinhardt or not. Laying the a sample over this image in photoshop, it looks like the 'e' and the 'a' are indeed different, but I'll be damned if everything else isn't exactly the same. Am I crazy?

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It’s definitely Theinhardt Medium. If there is anything quirkier or slightly different, it will be the result of low resolution and hinting. The ascender of the t, the bulky a and the exclamation mark match perfectly.

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You're right, monsieur. Thanks all, and great ID, Ryuk!

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