Strange kerning behavior in printing

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I am testing a kernig table I just built into my font and came across the following problem:

Character spacing in InDesign on screen seems to correspond to the kerning I built into the font (at least when zoomed-in). When I export the file as a pdf and print from Acrobat, all is well... But when I print directly from InDesign, all kerning seems to disappear or get highly distorted. Any ideas what might cause this? [Just in case it matters, the kerning is RTL for Hebrew].

On a related topic, what do people here find to be the best way to proof fonts in text sizes? I see discernable diferences in the appearance (overall darkness) of the same font printed on the same 1200 dpi laser when I switch from .otf to .ttf formats, and InDesign vs Acrobat (in addition to the specific kerning issue I am having now). Short of doing press-proofs, what is the best proofing workflow?

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If exporting to PDF works and prints fine, the problem may be with your printer driver. Do you have any other printers to which you can print? Can you print to a PDF instead of using InDesign's export feature?

Are you using a kern table for kerning, or OpenType GPOS kerning?

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Thanks John,

I did test it on a two different printers (one HP, one Xerox) and the sorry results were the same. :(
I am using OpenType GPOS for kerning.

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