wooden letterpress font indentification

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Hi. Can anyone advice me of the best way to identify a wooden letterpress font type. My main requirement is to be able to see the font styles so I can make a decision whether a block is a 'u' or an 'n' for example. There are several others letters that can be difficult to discern in some styles when it may be the only block I have in that style. The actual name of the font is not that important to me . I have found a couple of font identification sites but they have not been that helpful with these old letterpress blocks. Many thanks

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so I can make a decision whether a block is a 'u' or an 'n' for example

Compare the block to a couple of other unambiguous characters, such as a, f, g, etc., and look at the baseline. If you guessed wrong, the difference should be apparent, in most cases.

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Thanks Oldnick, but the issue arises if I have a single letterpress block in a particular font. so I have nothing to compare it to. Is there a website with a good data base of images of fonts that single letters could be compared to?

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