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Like they always say, it's hardest for a designer to design her own logo. That's me.

My business name is Adunate (adunate - very symmetric if done in certain types). It's Latin for unite because I unite graphic design and writing for successful communication. My target markets are home building industries, historic architecture/preservation, coffee, wine, food, religious organizations and other random businesses.

I used the tiled pattern (log cabin pattern in quilting) in my old logo. It reflects the idea of parts coming together to make a whole, plus it represents the arts & crafts I'm fond of. I've recently added the art nouveau-style curves. It adds an organic element, plus its another style I'm very fond of.

Choosing a typeface has become my dilemma!

I really like the contrast that Cezanne offers, done in lower case. However, given my business name is already difficult, I fear it complicates it further. Plus Cezanne is becoming overdone.

Anyone have any suggestions? They don't even need to be anything like Cezanne. I'm open to every idea.

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Any ideas? Anyone?

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This is totally out of the bleachers, but what about a light Futura or Century Gothic?

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Thanks Te Rowan. Actually, it's not so far out. I've been playing around with something very simplistic and clean and liking how it looks. I'd like this to be a long term logo, therefore I need to stay with a longstanding type as well. Thanks!

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Architecture, wine, religion... I'm getting a Romain du Roi vibe.

And the full double-sided serifs on the "d" would say something.

BTW, is it too late to switch to "Adnate"?


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