FOX Sports wants to use my font. What do I charge?

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I am new to the font making business. I made one font and uploaded it to I got this email today:

" FOX Sports would be interested in using your font in broadcast television and perhaps print media (advertisements only). What are your licensing terms?

This is legit. I have NO IDEA what to charge! It's going to be used on TV. What should I do? Please help!

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Ask them to define carefully the scope of use: whether they want exclusivity, and the size and duration of the use. Then give them an offer on that.

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thank you!

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Spend a couple of days doing online research.
Look at a number of different foundries that explain font licensing and get to know the categories of licence, and try and figure out why different uses are charged differently.
You won't get much information about pricing, however.

You should rename your font, Chalkboard is already taken.

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Know what's better than one million dollars? Ten million dollars.

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