Type ornaments resource? Using ornaments with Futura?

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I'm creating a document that is using HI Paperback typeface + Futura. I'm not 100% committed to Paperback, but it looks nice with Futura. Anyway, I'm interested in using some ornaments on the document but am unsure if they fit with the modern look of Futura. Is there a good resource or rule of thumb regarding the use of ornaments? I get a little confused when I'm combining something contemporary - like what House Industry offers with old standards like Futura. I'm wondering if there is a resource out there that explains more about how and when to use ornaments with sans serif fonts?

Is this making sense?

Thanks for any help!

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Here's what it looks like:

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I think it depends on the feel you are going for. Combining a contemporary and traditional typeface can work nicely to create juxaposition. Then chose a glyph that supports the mood. If you are going for modern try a modern looking glyph.

I really like Bodoni with Futura. In The Elements of Typographic Style, Robert Brighurst says that Bodoni breathes much of the same spirit as Futura since they both aspire to geometric purity. img:Bodoni-Futura_4580.jpg]

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Sorry, didn't upload the first time. The forms are very similar but different enough to create contrast.

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Looks good to me. I love Paperback! Why didn’t you use it for the text and Futura for headlines – the obvious but admittedly more boring way? (Even more boring though: Futura and Bodoni.) The ornaments contribute to the unusual, fresh feel. Works well I think.

But don’t indent the first line of a column.

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