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What are you all using? I had been using Font Explorer. Love the interface but it's been giving me lots of problems. I'm doing a demo of Suitcase Fusion, trying to decide whether to buy it. Hate Font Book, that's not an option. I'm pretty anal about organizing my fonts, it will take me half a day, so wanted your thoughts before I commit.

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The only font management app in the Apple Store is Fontcase, which freezes up miserably on me every time I try to use it. Honestly, I'm still stuck on the free version of Font Explorer, because it works.

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On a PC, your options are even more limited. At work I use FontNav, which doesn't even support OpenType, and at home, I just install everything in Windows (7) which might go some way to explaining why my computer keeps crashing all the time! In terms of organising them, I don't. I think the best method is to hang around Typophile day in day out until you can recognise every single font ever made, and you'll always have the perfect font for any job stored in your brain ;)

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Extensis Suitcase Fusion 3 has been more than adequate for me. I'm running it on Windows 7.

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Some folks literally do manage their fonts manually, which is nuts. It's a ton easier these days without having to worry about font suitcases and screen fonts vs printer fonts, but still.

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FontAgentPro works fine for me, and has done so for ages… (on a Mac).

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I'm on a Mac.

Thanks - will look into FontAgentPro. I'm so disappointed with Font Explorer, it was great until it wasn't.

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@ Patricia

Which version of FontExplorer are you using? Have you tried FontExplorer X Pro?


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Hi Patty

FontCase under Mac OSX 10.5.8. Plenty of options for your own organisation, good interface seems to understand how anal we might be about this kind of thing, and includes customisable options for pangrams and body copy for comparison purposes (I seem to recall that you do a lot of text setting). I bought my copy in 2009, have never looked back, and would recommend it to any other Mac-using typophile. More details here.

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If you are using FEX I wouln’t switch to apps like Font Agent Pro, Fontcase. It would be a step back.
What are your problems with FontExplorer? Are you using the latest version? I am sure these problems could be fixed.

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Hi Patty,
How come it started giving you trouble? Please write to the support team and they would be able to help you. It's possible that it's a version thing.

If you don't feel like writing to the support line, just send me a quick note and I'll pass it on.


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+1 for Linotype support!

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Font Explorer X is fantastic.

Only on my system, it and Quark 7 do not get along--I have to shut down FEX, start Quark and then start FEX.

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