Mufon + Numerals Typeface

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I've been having trouble tracking this typeface down. It looks like a variation of Didot or something similar but I just can't seem to match the numerals with any font.

Any help?

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Bodoni Poster

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It's not Poster Bodoni. It's probably a cut of Pistilli Roman.

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It's not Bodoni Poster. That's what I had originally thought it was but the 7 is different as well as the letters. It's very close but that's why I came here, to get the definitive answer on what it is. The serifs seem to extend up and out a little further than the Bodoni Poster font. The front of the 7 also is more straight up-and-down than the Bodoni version.

Any other suggestions?

EDIT: Nevermind. It's Carousel OT, by Elsner+Flake.

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