Bold/Extra Bold Font ID?

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Hi all,

I need a little help figuring out what font this is?

Many Thanks.


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Probably Futura LT Extra Bold

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Why not just email the actual designer and ask him instead of coming on here? It is HIS portfolio site. I think he could probably give you the best answer.

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Thanks 'Fontcorn' for suggestion.

To 'EB Design'... I tried emailing the designer with having no reply... but I might try again. Thanks for your feedback.

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Confused by EBDesign's comment . . . isn't the purpose of this forum for other typophile members to identify typefaces? And be nice?

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Definitely Futura Extra Bold (sometimes called Extra Black). Not sure what all the uncertainty is about. This is an easy one for anyone who knows typefaces.

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@Mark: We all started out as someone who knew nothing about typefaces… : )

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I know. EB's comment seemed odd after fontcorn nailed it. That's all.

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