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Apologies if this has already made the rounds, but I just saw this article dated 8.15.11. Turns out that William Starling Burgess, a versatile Bostonian who designed yachts that won the America's Cup and airplanes for the US Navy and the Wright brothers, may also have had an oar in Times New Roman:

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Yes, it made the rounds a couple of years ago (not coincidentally, around the time of Starling's release).

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But the story is a few years older than that (and AFAIK was first published in the APHA journal). I wonder if Parker was in fact planning a competing revival from back then, and I especially wonder what agreement the parties ended up arriving at.


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I remember Mike Parker’s sensational (and LOUD!) presentation made at a conference of ATypI in San Francisco in 1994. Soon thereafter his findings appeared in Printing History, iss. 31–32 (vol. XVI, nos. 1 and 2), 1994.

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Apologies if this has already made the rounds, but I just read this article. Turns out that the moon landings were all staged in a warehouse in Tacoma! The whole thing was a huge hoax! ;-)

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Times New Roman debuted in the 1930s if I'm not mistaken. So I hope this guy is at least 90 years old.

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@Ryan - what guy?

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You guys are making me feel like an old fart.

Reading still matters.


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