InDesign cursor shifts

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This is interesting and a bit disconcerting.

We have a font created in Fontlab that we generated as OTF. We've been using the font for development in Word and InDesign, all seems to be well.

We're now ready to start using it in actual production and the client had decided to change the name.

In InDesign when I change from the old font to the new font in, which nothing but the name has been changed (I'm nearly sure!), the cursor in InDesign shifts up just a hair. Nothing else is changing, text isn't rerunning and auto leading doesn't seem to be affected, just the position of the cursor.

I'm not the only one who works with these Fontlab files and I'm a bit concerned that something has been inadvertanly changed. The only thing I do have going for me is that we've not yet typeset anything with the new font except the samples, which seem to be fine.

Does anyone know what InD looks at to determine the vertical position of the curosor?


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