what letters of the alphabet best show the characteristics

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Im wondering if their are a set of letters in the alphabet that are best to look at when identifying a font.

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It varies, but a and g.
Traditionally, Hamburgefonts (despite no diagonals). See previous threads…
I wonder what automated WTF uses.

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Thanks very much everyone! Nick shinn I have another question and i hope im not bothering you to much with to many questions, but what are diagonals?

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Diagonals are the letters that have slanted strokes, namely kvwxyz.

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Which is why a popular alternative to Hamburgefonts is Handgloves.

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Or Hamburgefontsiv

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You could personalize it with your own selection of place name, eg, Orangeville (where I live). The "ill" is quite informative of text color.

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Thanks guys i've really learned allot from this post !! Your help and attention is highly appreciated :)

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