Characters clipped on-screen

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I have a feeling this has to do with MS Word and there's nothing I can do about it as I've seen other fonts have the same trouble in Word.

We've created an OTF font with FontLab and it works well in both InDesign and Word. However, in Word when the line spacing is not set to single (or one of the author "automatic" settings) the descenders get cut off on screen. They print and PDF OK but on screen they are cut off.

I've read and understand (I think, at least I do mostly, I think...) the really great post that is here regarding metrics ( and I adjusted things so that when set to automatic (single, 1.5, yadda-yadda) Word will clear for the descenders, and that works great.

But, regardless of the values I use in FontLab the characters are getting clipped on screen in Word when the line spacing is not automatic. The Word template we need to use is modeled after the typeset series using 9/10.5 as the main text so we don't want to increase the leading in Word to clear.

Is this just a Word thing or is there something I can do in the font to fix it.


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This problem has been discussed before and, IIRC, it is caused by Word's peculiar method of interpreting the font's bounding box, caused by or coupled with a rather anachronistic "row-dependent" layout arrangement.

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