Atypi...what's it worth?

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Jared and Joe asked me to be the Rome correspondent at ATypI. I would have
checked-in earlier, but much to my chagrin and that of everyone else at the
conference, the

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Thanks for the report - it actually fits in with my own memories exactly. Including the part about packing inappropriately: I had three sweaters! :-/ So I ended up taking *tshirts* to a launderette...

Anyway, the conference was superb, and people were really too nice all 'round - it took me aback! :-)

BTW, that picture I used is 17 years old - it was the most recent semi-photogenic picture I had...
I haven't had facial hair since '91. Actually, past tense: I decided to shave on the plane back home, but was low on battery, so I left a goatee, and have now decided to keep it for a while. It makes me feel young... :-/

Anyway, Vancouver it is!


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