Stylistic Alternates for ligatures [solved]

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Need a help with OT code :)

Have two versions of ligatures, s_t, and s_t.salt for example.

I write code

feature dlig { # or liga
sub s t by s_t;
} dlig;

feature salt {
sub s_t by s_t.salt;
} salt;

with this code replacing of s_t not work when I turn on both features.

Maybe someone known how to do?

Thanks in advance!

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salt must be after liga/dlig feature :)

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How are you testing this? I'm having this problem with InDesign, but not elsewhere. (See: this thread comment.) (salt does follow dlig and liga in my code.)

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I'm test in FL and Photoshop CS5 only, don't have another software :(

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