Gelato Script by Schizotype released

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Schizotype Font Foundry is proud to announce the release of Gelato Script, a smooth flowing baseball script with loads of OpenType features and good language coverage.

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Dave, that S looks like L.

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Nick, I'm going to respectfully disagree with you on that. It's the swash S anyway, so in the very rare situation where the context isn't enough to differentiate, there are three other S glyphs to choose from.

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I love the font, but I have to agree with Nick: only the first of the four S glyphs looks like an S (not an L) and even the first one is confusing. It could be a T.

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They do, however, resemble the S that I was taught to write in school.

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I have to agree it looks like an L.

1. S
2. Got me thinking
3. L
4. L

Sc makes it easier to read then Sa thats for shore.

Maybe you could tweak the angle a bit? (or is that a noob suggestion?)

But I really like your font. And baseball scripts are trending. Yours wil definitely sell! :-)

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Shore sure whats the difference. :P

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Oops, might have caused a bit of confusion here. The third and fourth in the image are Ls. I was trying to show a word that could be confused - Sassy with Lassy.

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Aaah ok. 2 is still a bit confusing. But hey, there is another s to choose from that works great!

Again lovely font!

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The alternate S is still confusing to my point of view. I think the confusion come from the spin which should be less right. Also, did you try a smaller top loop? Your basic S is more readable even though it may be less right. Good work overall.

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Hi. I didn't try a smaller loop on top, because it never occurred to me that the S was ambiguous. I thought I, T, J, L and Z would be more likely candidates for problem readings, but I think context solves most problems (as it does in most scrip fonts, where if you look at certain uppercase characters individually you go "what's that then?")
I'm considering making a Pro version, with way more swashes and alternates, all selectable by the user rather than automatic contextual substitutions. I'de probably also add alternates for all caps settings for acronyms. As of now, it's selling much better than I expected, so I wouldn't want to quickly release an advanced version, for fear it would appear as something of a cash in. I'm going to wait and see how it gets used, and if I feel a Pro version would be a useful addition, I'll make one. I guess the decider will be when I see someone's modified it themselves to solve a certain problem and I think it looks bad! I am forced to use Monotype Corsiva quite regularly in the day job, and the amount of times I'm asked to change the ampersand for something that 'looks less like a J' is pretty ridiculous. I'm all for users using fonts as they see fit, but if a line is crossed I'll find it hard to not march right in and tell them they're doing it wrong!

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Hey congrats on being this month's Rising Star at MyFonts!

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Thank you very much!

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