I want to build an online Font software

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Hello all - this is my first post here so if I break any rules with this post I apologies.

I'm currently thinking about working on creating an online font creator with a social aspect surrounding it. I'm thinking about using fontforge as the font creator. Since I'm no expert on fonts I would love to hear your thoughts about this (should I even bother with it) and also any features you would like to see. Thanks

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A font by committee? Isn't that what people called a camel, vis-à-vis a horse?

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What happened to the old collaborative type design page that used to be on typophile?

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I'm interested in running FontForge in a browser. The social aspect wouldn't interest me.

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How are you going to run FontForge in a browser? FontForge is an X Windows app, you can't just port it over with some AJAX.

And Google is rumored to working on a browser-based font editor, but I have no details about features.

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FonForge is now split into a library (libfontforge) having the non-UI parts and a UI on top of it, so it is theoretically possible for someone to write some web based UI that interacts with server side libfontforge. Some one would even write a native Windows/Mac OS X/GTK/Qt UI for it (there is even an experimental GTK UI in FontForge source repository but no one is completing it. GTK3 have an HTML5 backend allowing GTK application to be run inside browser).

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This concept sounds quite contrived and based off the formula of

'great idea' = [random topic] + SOCIAL ASPECT!

That's not to say it's a bad idea, but given this is all we know of it, there's really nothing to judge here. It's not the idea that counts...it's the implementation. If it's a good implementation, that's what might interest folks.

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I agree it's a shaky idea, that's why I'm trying to gather peoples thoughts about it.

I want people to put a whole bunch of holes in this idea and if I can't fill those holes with solutions then I will abandon this project.

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[never mind]

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Have you looked at Fontstruct?

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The social aspect, I can't see but that's probably because I'm not a social font designer. For me, social networking is a way of avoiding working on fonts.

If you include a voting system, notes: there's a vast difference between what's popular with the general public and what's popular with designers and typographers. 1001fonts.com is an example of what types of fonts rise to the top. I'm not putting those fonts down, but that type of listing of little use to designers.

But I hate being tied to my OS when I make fonts. Persistent, platform independent font software sounds like a dream come true. It's not so much a problem that needs to be solved rather than wouldn't-it-be-cool-if. Maybe the basic version could be free and then in-app-purchase advanced features.

Fontstruct is fun. I love it. But I prefer something more along the lines of Fontforge.

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Well, I mentioned Fontstruct just as an example of an already existing online font tool with social strings attached. Having a more refined tool would indeed be great.

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