New Bold Monday release: Nitti 3.0

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We are happy to announce that Nitti has been updated to version 3.0. The major change in this new version is the addition of monotonic Greek.
Also some optimisations, such as a redrawn ampersand and a more distinctive zero, have been included after feedback from users of iA Writer, the popular new text editor on iPad and OS X.

Nitti is a monospaced typeface family in five weights that has its roots in the first sans-serif designs of the 19th century – the Grotesques. Originally a British invention, the Grotesques gained massive popularity in mainland Europe and also became widespread in early 20th century USA where it was commonly referred to as ‘Gothic’. The quirky and often idiosyncratic shapes of these designs lend them a humanity and warmth which is still widely appreciated.

Nitti comes in two versions. Nitti Basic offers 264 characters per font and only supports western European languages.

The full version of Nitti on the other hand offers a generous 611 characters per font including many more accented letters, Greek and Cyrillic. This version covers all European languages together with most Asian languages that use the Cyrillic script.

To celebrate this launch we’re offering more bundles and a special price of 129 Euros for the complete Nitti Basic family bundle.

Best wishes from Den Haag!

Bold Monday

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Nicely done!
The Black is very cool.
Are you contemplating italics?

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Thank you!
Italics are in works at this very moment.

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