Please give your opinion about this blog design!

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I am working at this blog design and I have not strong typography skills, so I would really like your opinions about it.

These are the links to 4 almost complete pages, home page, post page, archive index and category index; i use the font League Gothic (in the final online version it will be Alternate Gothic from URW++ but for desktop use I don't have the license) and Chaparral Pro. Any thoughts will be very appreciated.

Home Page
Post Page
Archive Index
Category Index

Thanks in advance.

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I think the paragraph width of your category page is a bit to wide.

Not a fan of Chaparral, but thats a matter of taste.

Not sure about the red / orange combo.

Nice design. :-)

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Hi Giuliano,

Don't love the red/fluorescent orange, and I think the grey you've chosen is too cool to carry the red and orange. Try warmer greys and tone the orange down with some brown to a ginger.

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Regarding color I'd use either the red or the orange but not both. Orange is a vibrant, energetic color which might not be the best choice for your subject matter, but that's your call.

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What is the circular graphic in the upper left? it makes no sense to me.

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@giulianovelli: In an effort to help the group provide you with more meaningful feedback as compared to subjective aesthetic response, perhaps you can tell us a bit about the context: Who is it for? What do they do? Who is the audience? What is their goal? Who will be managing it? What are their resources (time, budget &c). Good design is about fitness for purpose. To do something by design means to make informed decisions based upon an objective understanding of the context.

In addition, is this personal, professional, or academic?

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thank you all for the replies and the great advices.

@timaarts @cdunitz @JamesM
thanks for the advises on the colors, you are definitely right about the orange/red combo and the cold grays, i will try to fix that. About the color/content issue, this is a WordPress theme, not a website for an actual client so the contents will vary, so I will offer more than a color combo to choose from. This one will be the primary one, so thanks for the good advices.

@Luma Vine
the circular graphic is a stylized rendition of the paint "The Thinker" by François-Auguste-René Rodin. As I said, this being a theme, the buyers will definitively change the logo with their own, so it is intended to be a placeholder. I will try to render it better anyway.

you are right, here it comes a bit of background: this is not a client website, but a commercial WordPress theme. This theme is conceived for single/multi author weblogs (the version I have posted here is the multi author one, with author pics and info on each article and on the home page, the single author version is very similar except for a text box with author name and some additional info about the article in place of the pic). My goal with the design was to mix contemporary and classic suggestions to appeal to an audience that produce authoritative and/or in depth content but don't want to appear too academic/dry. Being a WordPress theme obviously I can't have an idea of which the readership will be. Anyway this theme is intended to be a niche one, without the thousands options you often see on commercial themes, totally focused on the actual content , so it's not intended to appeal to the masses.

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@Christopher Dean

You are such a snob :P

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The text wrap on the new "categories" page causes the word "of" to float disconcertingly off to the right, as though it's flowing around the graphic.

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@Joshua Langman

Yes it's an Illustrator strange behavior, i am in the process of doing the html/css so i didn't tried to correct it in Illustrator.

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I am really looking for the exact url for the blog's i really like the jpg in your dropbox. Can you share the main link for your dropbox.

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