IRC chat room for type designers?

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Hi there,

I miss the old Typophile's chat room (although it used to crash a lot). Wouldn't it be good to create an IRC chat room with type design as a topic? Anyone interested?


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This has come up before. I suppose if you just went onto freenode and used typophile for the channel, and convinced enough people to join. But you may be best off scheduling a time and date. Typophiles tend to be rather busy these days... Cutting types and letterpressing... Maybe using fontforge or doing some daily job. IRC just doesn't fit in so easily...

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But, yes, I would be interested. I personally haven't met anyone else who does type.

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There are a lot of Typophile peeps on Google+. Its probably easy to arrange that sort of thing there, plus video chat (hangouts).

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Should I open also a profile in Google+? Another social network... ouch.
I still think IRC chat have some advantages, but it is true that for some people IRC is out of fashion (and you have to install special software).

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Well I have Google+. Might be fun t try that out.

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I just created a profile there...

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There is ##font on Freenode, but that is probably oriented more towards users than designers. What is the story with the G+ community?

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