Font Similar to Knockout

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Hi Everyone,

working on my personal identity and looking for a condensed, bold sans serif similar to Knockout. A typeface that has a bit more of a woodtype/vintage element (if that makes sense).

For example, I am choosing Knockout Bantamweight rather than Din Black Condensed or Univers 59 Ultra condensed because of that specific element that my 'G' has.

I'm just looking for some alternatives that can work here. Maybe something with a unique uppercase G or something.

You're also welcome to critique my logo, even though I'm going for something quite minimal.


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If you wish to go for a somewhat softer look you could also check out Garage Gothic.

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This is too compressed to be good ol' Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No.20.
Looks more like Alternate Gothic No.1.

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OK, just re-read your post, now I' confused ;)

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I would try some of the extremes by David Berlow:

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From Village, Grotzec Headline and Founders Grotesk both pack a nice punch.

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