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Hi all. I'm working on bit of a custom logotype for a local cafe/bistro. They are pretty much the top place to eat in this town. Problem is, their existing logotype (if you can call it that) is an EXACT copy of the old element logo that used garamond, down to the kerning etc etc. Not customized at all. Their place is also seen as being a little too flash, so i am trying to create a logotype that is more accessible/informal.

I've started working on the logotype below- it is in very early stages. Modelling it off Adobe Garamond Pro bold/italic at this point, but looking toward ligatures- handwritingesque to add informality.

Anyway I would really appreciate some feedback from you guys- I'm working in circles at the moment!


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The tails running into the next letter lacks the italic flow of the letters themself, and the e lost a lot in your redrawing. I think it's mainly a matter of angle and weight: look at the upstroke on n for a guide. Also, Garamond is a text serif. This is a 12 point master maybe? For a logotype the expressive possiblities are vast compared to the conventions and limitations of text type.

This does not feel like a mark for the "top place to eat".

Btw, I love it when someone start experimenting with type based logos :) Since this is for a client, maybe you should consider collaborating with a type designer to "produce" your idea in a professional manner? Don't stop drawing though.

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What happened to the automatic smart curly quotes in the forum?

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What happened to the automatic smart curly quotes in the forum?
Disabled some years ago?

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I just migrated to Windows :(

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