(x) Inspiration for Abaddon - display face by Alex Jay {Mike Y}

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A MyFonts poster is sure that Scriptorium's Abaddon is a version of an earlier typeface which he used to set on typositor. Does anyone know what this was called back then?

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I think the poster may be mistaken about that. Scriptorium's 'Abaddon' is based on a display typeface created by Alex Jay for the interior titles for the book "The Dinosaurs" by William Stout, published in 1981 by Bantam Books. The book notes say the typeface was 'inspired in part by letterforms in Alphonse Mucha's classic 1901 Art Nouveau portfolio, Documents Decoratifs'.

It does not give a name to the typeface. Dave Nalle does not usually credit the Scriptorium font sources.

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Thanks very much for that info, Mike. I'll point the
Myfonts poster to this thread.

Many of Mr. Nalle's early fonts were digitizations
of typefaces that can be found in the Solotype
Catalog and elsewhere. It always bugged me
that he gave new names to those and never
credited the originals.

Have a great 2005.

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When you say Castcraft might have been the source of your Typositor font, that makes anything possible. Castcraft/Opti never designed any fonts that I have seen -- they are all copies of other designs. I am confident that the information I gave about the typeface is its true origin. What happened to it after that is something only those other players can answer.

The reason I knew that is that I bought that book when it was new, and had always been interested in that typeface. The small notes and publication data contained the information I quoted. When I saw Scriptorium's Abbadon, I knew at once what Dave Nalle had used as his model. (Or at least, what it was based on. Maybe he had access to the same Typositor font that you remember using.)

It's a pretty dramatic and distinctive typeface, so I am not doubting you would remember it if you used it. My initial statement was just based on the idea that I knew the source, but I don't know how Typositor fonts were supplied. I have never seen another digital version of the Jay typeface, except the Scriptorium font.

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Thank you for letting us know that. I'm sure I used a typositor font made by VGC or Castcraft in the 1980s for a designer named Carol Russo. She did science fiction covers for Tor Books, Baen Books, Bantam Books and a few other publishing houses.

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