Indenting a paragraph that is already wrapping around an object?

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I think this looks weird but technically I guess it's right(?)

Would love to hear your opinions.

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It’s a choice. If you have a wide enough column, go with it.

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I like having choices ;-) Thanks riccardO

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It's not a choice. If the convention of the document is that a break between two paragraphs is indicated by indenting, then that is what you do, regardless of what is adjacent to the text. Paragraphs are textual elements, and visually distinguishing them is an aid to the reader. Consider: if the last line of the previous paragraph happened to exactly or nearly extend to the right margin, removing the indent in this situation would remove all indication that these are two separate paragraphs. Basic rule: having established a document level convention for distinguishing textual elements, don't break that convention.

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I think Riccardo is saying that defining the paragraph separation convention for a particular document is a choice. But yes, you've set a style, stick with it.

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It doesn't look weird to me.

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It doesn't look weird to me, either.

But if it bothers you, you might try moving the photo to the right so the runaround occurs on the right side of the type column rather than the left side. That way the left edge alignment won't be interrupted by the runaround.

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