Tracking / subscribing to posts

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Hi all

Apart from visiting the forum is there any way of tracking certain posts - for example by getting an email when someone replies?

Sorry if this is obvious.

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Unfortunately there is no e-mail option. The only things is you can subscribe threads with the RSS option.

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Ah - that's not so bad. I just realised that each thread has its separate RSS feed so its no big issue for me. - thanks!

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Huh? Where is that?
I only see how to subscribe to the full Typophile feed.

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Sorry for the late reply. Ironically I hadn't subscribed to this thread!

There's no actual RSS icon or link to click on. But the link is in the source code or depending on the browser you are using the RSS icon in the tool bar is cliackable or should light up.

To get it from the source code go View > Source and then the RSS for this feed for example is


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