Trajan Pro Drop Off - RIP issues

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I am having trouble with a press-ready pdf that was supplied from an ad agency to be printed in our newspaper, some of the Ts have dropped off once the pdf has gone through our RIP. Document was created using Quarkxpress and distilled to create PDF - font (Trajan) has been embedded. I remember having the same problem years ago before CS was even thought of and Xpress was the norm, we always had trouble with True Type and MT faces (we would sometimes convert text to outlines in Freehand and import as a picture - way before you could convert text to outlines in Xpress) ... How things have changed ... We have since converted the fonts in the PDF to paths and re-downloaded through our RIP with no issues, we still need to know why it happened in the first place, if anyone can shed any light it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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