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Hi guys,

I've been working on this logo for a new magazine about fashion & photography (mostly photography) and I'm hoping to get some feedback from you. My main concern is the kerning. I feel that the space around the "I" could use a little more work but I want a second (third, fourth...) opinion.

Feel free to share any critique and thanks in advance.

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Nice type.

Why is the cut on the lower part of "C" different from all the other angular cuts? In my opinion at least "C" and "G" should match.

The "i" doesn't really work for me. Seems like it has a slightly different style then the rest. It might need a bit more space as well, it feels slightly crowded.

"K" is very nice.

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Thanks for the feedback @kattttor!

I've got the angular cut on the "G" to match the one on the "C". I go "blind" sometimes.

Increased the space around the "I" and changed it slightly, seems to integrate better.

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I'am getting tired of the reversed a e. Why? It's awkward.

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Try drawing some more standard versions of those two.

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