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Somebody help. They have me locked in this dark room and won't let me out until the site comp is finished lol. Just joshin'.

I AM in a bind though. All I have on this pc they are having me use is standard windows typefaces. BORING! The problem? How do I choose a typeface that's both appealing to the target market and not be overused?

Luckily the financial industry is stagnant (in terms of design) so there's no where to go but up, so I ask of you fine members of Typophile, which two typefaces would you choose for the layout attached? Preferably one serif and one sans, but I'll take anything. I'm really at a loss here. :(

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…so there's no where to go but up…

You could get thrown out for inappropriate behavior.
The stagnation you refer to is a natural conservatism* on the part of institutions looking after other people's money.

*Well, that's the vibe the want to give, even while experimenting with volatile financial derivatives.

But it's always struck me as ironic that Garamond italic is considered conservative, given the crazy Baroque (Bringhurst's category) angles of its construction.

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Thanks Nick. I hear ya. My problem is my client has these issues. :(

Wow, nothing from the rest of the community?

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