Secret keys in FL

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Thread aims to collect the secret buttons from the user's FL. Called the "secret" because it is not listed in the "help" and "Keyboard short cut". The button may be found by chance as I did (works on windows). At least four buttons is very helpful to me:)

The following keys work in glyph mode:

  1. [z] = zoom out (press as needed)
  2. [x] = zoom out (press as needed)
  3. [tab] = Quick search the nearest glyph index based on the preview
  4. [tilde & grave] = Quick preview with fill outline (press and hold). Usually the buttons right below the "Esc" windows keyboard

Please put your experience too (please ignore if this is considered obsolete:)

Best Regards

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Some of them are in the manual, but they can be kind of hard to find that way.

comma [<,] Previous glyph
period [>.] Next glyph
Good for checking through all your glyphs for problems while keeping the same window and magnification.

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Not sure if this counts, but ctrl/action clicking the sidebearings or anchors allows you to type in the values.

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Most of the drawing tools can be selected by hitting the number keys. I use these all the time.

By the way, if you want to see all the key commands, it's no secret. Just go to Tools > Customize... You can change them to suit yourself, and you can even have more than one key command per function.

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Oh my days, period and comma do next glyph? amazing!

Hold down the pointer on a guide near the ruler to adjust it's angle. That one took me a while to find out.

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Not directly related to Fontlab, but to Mac and the Magic Mouse.
Is there any easy way to turn the magic mouse scrolling on/off?
I always need to turn it off when working on Fontlab. Really Annoying.

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On Mac:

Metrics WIndow, Shift Command P changes filled glyphs to outline. Particularly useful in the metrics window when working with a connecting script. Works in the Glyph Window as well.

Shift Command N shows and hides nodes both in the Glyph Window and the Metrics Window

In Metrics WIndow, Command ] advances the character to the next on in the Index order. Command [ reverses this.

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@Mark .... if you want to see all the key commands, it's no secret ...

You're fully right


Scrolling the mouse on FL Windows beneficial also for previous and after glyphs being edited. As the same function of period and comma on the keyboard (see comment of @Cerulean, and @jmontalbano). Maybe you could compare it with a Mac (Cmd + Scroll?) .

I do not yet know how to turn off the scroling mouse on the FL MAC. But you can try on Customizing tools. And, perhaps better thought of the benefits to be gained with the mouse :-)

@all ... We are just collecting benefits and possible problems from the FL user's experience solely as sharing useful for all us. Thanks for all the existing post.

Best Regards

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I've made a little app to solve the Magic Mouse scrolling thing

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ctrl+alt+shift changes the cursor to measure tool


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