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Hi everyone,

Bit of fun here. My wife and I are expecting our first baby in September and are looking at names so I wondered what names of typefaces would work for a baby too?

Any suggestions welcome and please include a link or example of the font too :-)

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If it’s a boy, Finnegan!

Best of luck to the new family!

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if it's a girl, Oksana!

but please not Comic Sans ))

all the best!

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Another vote for Finnegan!

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How about typeface names that aren't already traditional first names:


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I.T.C. Arecibo Too

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Galliard or Lobster

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Grotesque No. 9

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^ … would definitely be a better choice than Akzidenz Grotesk ;P

I had a similar discussion with a (father-to-be) friend of mine and we found out there are some fonts that are definitely NOT suitable for baby names:
besides Akzidenz Grotesk, we came up with ITC Machine, VAG rounded, Fatface, …

Seriously though, here are my suggestions:


(Gerard Unger named Flora after his daughter, it would be fun to ‘turn the tables’!)

My best wishes to you and your family!

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If they they turn out to be twins, I'd go with Curlz and Bluntz.


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Congratulations! Hope everyone ends up healthy and happy!

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I dare you to call your daughter Helvetica.

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Cry Modern--or was that Craw? ;-)

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Why not a typeface designer’s name, like John (Baskerville), William (Caslon), Matthew (Carter), Gerard (Unger), Adrian (Frutiger), Edward (Johnston), Eric (not necessarily Gill), … ?

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