Bitmap font not showing up in font menu?

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Hi all,

I'm new here, but have been following along for quite some time. I'm trying to output a font created in Bitfonter 2, but its name is not appearing in the font menu. To create the naming I used the "wizard" button (green gem icon) in the Bitfonter menus, which appears to automate some naming but its still not appearing. Is there something I'm missing? The font name is currently set to WadsSansBold18.

Font Book seems to accept and preview the font, but I can't get PhotoShop to notice and/or use it.

What considerations do I need to make sure of in order for a font to appear correctly in the font menu? And how can I relate (style-link?) styles of the font (say, Regular, Bold) under one font name in the menu?

Thanks and HNY


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please tell us:
1. Which font format you are generating? (How do you generate the font.)
2. Which operating system and Photoshop versions you are using.

Altneratively, it is a good idea to contact FontLab support:
and include the font there.

Adam Twardoch
Fontlab Ltd.

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I'm generating a mac Truetype, by using the "Save as" feature from BitFonter.

I'm on X 10.3.7 using Photoshop CS.


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