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Hi Guys,

I've read a few posts about using various OT features and am thinking I need to use 2 stylistic sets.

I have a series that started out using two fonts created specifically for the use of special numbers. We are now combining the numbers from those two additional fonts into the main text OT font.

One set of numbers is used to represent line numbers in the original papyri and set within the text, a little raised off the base, a little smaller than a "regular" number. The other type is, again, raised but is raised and sized to different proportions. The second set of numbers also has a couple of special periods that can set as underdots to the raised letters.

I’m not worried about much else other than using them InDesign.

I’m thinking that each set of numbers should be done with a stylistic set as they don’t really fall into the other numeric OT features.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks,

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Another option would be to treat one of the raised numeral styles as Superior, using the 'sups' layout feature, and then treat the second style as a Stylistic Set variant of the first. But separate Stylistic Sets might be a little easier to work with in InDesign.

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Whatever approach you take (for example, more characters in a sytlistic set, etc.), you're probably going to have to use an InDesign Character Style to make the setting reasonably easy. So, if the design of the glyphs isn't different than some other numbers, you can simply use the "features" available in an InDesign Character Style to scale them (even non-proportionally, if you want), and position them.

On the other hand, if the weight of the numbers is different, you'll have to make them up in the font. Changing weight isn't something ID offers, yet.

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Changing weight isn't something ID offers…

I'm surprised that the Stroke feature isn't available in Styles; that is one way to bold up for "optical sizing".
(Although it is a bit nasty in screen rendering.)

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The weight does change a bit and those glyphs as they stand are used in legacy books.

I think two stylistic sets is the way we'll go, then set that in a character style.

Thanks for the input!


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